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How To Dress Your Table Like The Pros!

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Entertaining in your home is an act of love. You craftily consider the each element of the experience with only your guests pleasure in mind. When part of that experience is a culinary treat, you may pour yourself into the creation of that meal, or carefully curate items from a skilled culinarian. That artistry and care extends to the detail that goes into table settings, now more than ever, with the expectation that at least half of your dining party will chronicle the meal for memories or show.

Laying out a beautiful tablescape that elevates your celebration can be a thrilling way to tap into your creativity, with the right approach. Amy at Homey Oh My gives some great advice on how to make your colour palette, patterns, mixed textures, minimalist accessories, and small floral arrangements work for you in her 5 Tips to Set a Simple and Modern Tablescape.

The key to a great tablescape, besides vision and inspiration, is sourcing the right elements. In this post, we take inspiration from event stylist Ruby + James to break down their beautiful tabelscape. We found the elements you can shop for online to recreate the masterpiece at home!




Table cloths

Linen tablecloths give your table a refined and natural look. I like it for the texture and the subtle patterns of its threading. The construction of linen fibres often offer a more clean finish.


1. Although the photo inspiration uses a standard white table cloth, this multi-colour linen  tablecloth is an alternative, adding subtle hues. 2. The traditional white linen tablecloth that will end up being a staple in your entertaining career. 


Oversized napkins (20 x 20 inches and larger) are a great investment in that the larger size allows you to play with them more, and they can operate as a table mat for more casual occasions.


1. This Japanese cotton napkin adds another layer of texture and pattern to your design. 2. Oversized cotton napkin



1. Rustic grey linen napkins (placed under the plate)  2. This gold foil and white napkin is a great alternative if you'd like to stray away from grey 3. Striped oversized linen cotton napkins 4. Love the texture of the linen napkin by L&QQ, it's also the closest to the reference. 


Gold cutlery is one of my favourite kitchen decor trends! Depending on what you pair gild with, it can be more fun or reserved. 


1. Four-piece gold cutlery set  2. Four-piece stainless steel cutlery set with slender stems 


Size matters here. If you'll be buying online, be very meticulous with plate, bowl, and saucer sizing before you checkout.


modern plate set

1. Large textured black dinner plate  2. Black wooden dinner plate  3. Modern rim dinnerware  Not photographed - 4. Modern white saucer  5. Saucer 


When I entertain, I host a dry event, which doesn't stop me from bring out the the wine glasses. Uniformity is key for drinking glasses, I air on the side of having more than I need of the same set in the event of an accident.


1. Wine glasses sommelier set of four  2. Italian wine glasses 


Add twine, real or artificial flowers or berry bush, and tags for seating order. These are things I'd usually pick up from a local art store or dollar store, depending on the event. I'd want to touch them before I buy.

Tip: printed menus or table cards can really help warm up a mixed diet crowd to plant-based dining.

Bringing your tablescape together after acquiring all your elements boils down to how you'll serve your guests and attention to space and proportions.

Happy designing!



Disclaimer: some of the links included in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase using the link I will receive a commission.